December 13, 2016

Aerial Imaging


KPX Tech offers aerial imaging and ground imaging for any occasion. We are experienced pilots capable of capturing the best shots for you. We also are able to provide ground imaging for indoor shots and other shots in which an UAV would not be practical. We also offer editing for your videos and photos.

from-above-1273941_640 (1)Real Estate
We offer exclusive packages for aerial shots of homes and buildings. We can deliver shots from all angles of the home, top view, surround landscape view and much more. We also offer video footage from aerial views for the complete presentation and all angles possible at 4k resolution. For all imaging services offered, whether it is aerial or interior, we offer professional editing services as well.


We can offer imaging services for all kinds of events such as weddings, beach parties, yacht parties, corporate events, team sport games. We offer custom packages for large events that can include aerial photography and videography, professional ground photography, image editing, and complete event memories on DVD's or digital copies to sent to family and friends.