November 18, 2016

IT Computer Services

We provide a range of IT Computer services from commercial to residential customers. Our technicians are experienced in what they do and always engaged to solve your problems. We offer on-site computer services for your convenience and over all satisfaction.


apple-desk-office-working-8841Computer Repairs and Diagnostics
We can diagnose your computer and fix what ever problems you are experiencing to get it back up and running at its full capabilities and performance. This includes virus removals, program installations, operating system repairs, faulty hardware or software corruption diagnostics and more.



computer-motherboard-pc-wiresComputer Hardware Upgrades
Is your computer running slow, low on hard drive space, or not powerful enough to run the programs you need? We can provide complete hardware upgrades to improve the performance. We can recommend upgrades for your computer that best suit your needs to make it efficient for what you use, whether it is gaming, video editing, or just a fast internet surfing computer.


Custom Built Computers
We can build a customized computer to meet your needs at the best price. Every computer we build we tailor to your intended needs weather it is for video editing, high end gaming, or just a fast simple computer. We offer exclusive pricing for multiple computer orders for businesses that require multiple workstations designed for there needs loaded with any software they require. All components we use in the computers we build are from the top manufactures and everything in the computer is covered under manufactures warranty.


Windows_10_Logo_04Operating System Upgrade/ Recovery
Ready to upgrade to the newest Windows operating system? We can update and install the latest operating systems whether you want Windows 10, or want to go back to Windows 7. If you are experiencing problems with your operating system and it is corrupted we can repair and recover your system to get it running again.



pexels-photo-204611Complete Computer Installation & Setup
We can help setup a new computer or workstation completely including windows setup, security settings, personalized configurations, networking, printers, speakers, multi-monitors and much more. We will leave your work station neatly and professionally setup with proper wire management and all accessories working properly.